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We at Classwood pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture and install Sun decks to suit any and all your needs. You can choose between a Hardwood Timber or Composite decking material which are available in a variety of finishes and colours. Let us help you design and build your dream Sun Deck. Please Contact our decking and sales specialists who will gladly assist with your drawings and quotation requirements.


We recommend using Hardwood Timber in our climate and have the following options available below. We are committed to sustainable forest management, and endeavour to source quality timber from companies that advance this ethos.

  • Balau

Balau is an imported timber that is perfect for our climate and its natural toxicity to termites makes this wood an ideal option for decking in South Africa. Its durability and sturdiness are great qualities for decking purposes.

  • Massaranduba

Massaranduba also known as Brazilian Redwood is exceptionally hardy and resistant to weather and wood boring insects. It is a great choice for both residential and commercial use. It has a natural reddish-brown tone. It can be left and will develop a silvery-greyish tone with time.

Thermally Treated Wood

These are common woods like Pine and Ash that have undergone a thermal modification process. This preserves the wood in its most natural state and extends its lifespan and durability. The wood is heated to temperatures of up to 212C and with the steam produced, it causes chemical changes within the wood. During the process the wood’s natural colour changes slightly to a browner colour due to caramelization of glucose inside the wood. This process increases the high durability and stability of the wood. The process also reduces the water absorption of the wood which in turn results in a decrease of wood movement and decay later on.

  • Nova-Ash

  • Nova Pine

Composite Decking

Composite Decking is a low maintenance option which is eco-friendly using recycled plastic and bamboo. There has been significant engineering advances in the Composite decking world, which has resulted in superior natural looking products that are resistant to scratching, warping, heat absorption and rotting to name but a few advantages.

Our sales team would be happy to show you samples and provide you with a quotation.

We have 3 options in many colours.

  • Apex Composite Grooved Deck board

    • Himalayan Cedar
    • Hawaiian Walnut
    • Arctic Birch
    • Brazilian teak


  • Infinity I-Series Single Sided Composited Deck Board

    • Tiger Cove
    • Caribbean Coral
    • Oasis Palm
    • Swiss Oak
    • Cape Town Grey
    • Spanish Safron


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